Dr Julio Ribeiro


Dr Julio Ribeiro graduated from the Federal University of Viçosa in Agricultural Engineering with a Master of Science degree in Genetic Studies of bacterial alcohol production. Later receiving his PhD in Medicine from the University of New South Wales/Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney.
In 2006, Dr Ribeiro founded Inventia Pty Ltd, a biotechnology company that finances and manages R&D projects from conceptualisation to delivery. This extends from the conception of projects, contracting scientists and daily operations.
Dr Ribeiro also founded a multi-award winning RASTRUM 3D Bioprinting Platform by Inventia Life Science Pty Ltd.
In 2012, in partnership with Luiz Porto, Dr Ribeiro established IGT, in order to bring to Australia, the latest developments in bovine IVF technology and know-how.
In 2012, Dr Ribeiro founded and financed the creation of Inventia Genetic Technologies Pty Ltd (IGT). IGT is now Australia’s leading provider of bovine IVF services. IGT has also been conducting several research projects in the field of bovine IVF with the objective of increasing the pregnancy rate; facilitating oocytes and embryo transfer and developing new bovine IVF media.

Luiz Porto


Mr Porto graduated from the Veterinary Medicine School of the University of São Paulo in 1989 and has more than 30 years' experience in bovine reproduction. He was one of the pioneers of the use of ultrasound ,foetal sexing techniques in the early 90’s and also an early adopter of the IVF in the early 2000's. He has been involved in some of the largest IVF projects in Brazil and also in Australia and led the IGT operation and the team at IGT since its foundation. He had helped to create a culture focused on customer results and satisfaction. IGT culture and operation has been supported by a highly skilled team of scientists and technicians who together offer unparalleled experience in the commercial application of bovine IVF technology and the management of large scale breeding programs.

Cedric Wise


Graduated as a Veterinarian from the University of Queensland (1976) and holds a Masters degree from Colorado State University, following 4 years' post graduate work in Food Animal Medicine, Embryo Transfer and Semen Collection, as well as a Diploma of American College of Theriogenology. Later, on returning to Australia, Mr Wise became Member of the Australian College of Veterinary Science in Reproduction (M.A.C.V.Sc).
Since 1984 Mr Wise has worked in his own practice (Ced Wise AB Services), which is devoted entirely to artificial reproductive technologies in cattle, specialising in embryo transfer, semen collection and bull breeding soundness examinations of cattle. Mr Wise has worked in all States of Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Indonesia. He is a DAFF accredited veterinarian for the export of embryos, semen and livestock. Mr Wise provides veterinarian support to the IGT team.